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09 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Low Back Pain

As you may recall from our intro post on kinesiology taping, we’re going to focus on each muscle group/joint and show you how to use kinesiology tape in three distinct ways:

Immediately after injury  (for swelling and pain)
During the healing process (correction techniques to restore normal position and allow for healing)
Techniques to help improve strength [...]

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09 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Tennis ball mobilization- low back

In this post we’re going to use a tennis ball to try and break up soft tissue restrictions in the low back. The goal is to anchor down one end and then to slowly stretch the muscle out against it.

Key Points:

1) Go back and read the massage post specifically on the [...]

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05 January 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Stretching pt 10- Low Back

In the introduction post to this series, we reviewed and answered some common questions regarding stretching, including why, when, how, etc. Click here to review it.
In this post we will be talking about stretches specifically for the low back. This includes the long back extensors [...]

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06 October 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Self Muscle Massage- Neck/Back Extra Credit

Working on the back as a whole can be tricky. The muscle groups are arranged in overlapping layers and for every large muscle there are five tiny little ones buried beneath it that run solely from one vertebrae to the next. That being said- it can be REALLY tricky to get in there and loosen [...]

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19 July 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Self Muscle Massage pt 10- Low Back

This is part ten in the Self Muscle Massage Series. In the introduction post to this series we introduced and demonstrated the three muscle release techniques that will be used in this post. If you would like to review them, click here. If you would like to see any other parts of the series, click [...]

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