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Kinesiology Taping

What: This series will be dedicated to helping you understand the many benefits associated with kinesiology tape and more importantly how to incorporate it into your recovery.

What you’ll need to get started: kinesiology tape + scissors.

What you can expect in each installment: 1) pictures, video, and detailed instructions for each tape application. These applications will be arranged in three steps to take you through the full healing spectrum.

  • Immediately after injury  (for swelling and pain reduction)
  • During the healing process (correction techniques to restore normal position and inhibit motion to allow for healing)
  • Techniques to help improve strength + function

The order: 1) Calf (gastroc, soleus, post tib), 2) Posterior Thigh (hamstrings), 3) Posterior Hip (Glutes, Piriformis, External Rotators), 4) Lateral Hip (Glute Med, TFL, ITB), 5) Anterior Hip (Psoas, Iliacus, Sartorious, Pectineus), 6 ) Quads, 7 ) Adductors, 8 ) Anterior/Lateral lower leg (anterior tib, peroneals, top of the foot), 9 ) Bottom of Foot (Plantar Fascia + big toe), 10 ) Low Back, 11 ) Mid-Back (thoracic spine), 12 ) Neck, 13) Shoulder (posterior/back of), 14) Shoulder (anterior/front of), 15) Upper Arm (biceps and triceps), 16) Elbow/Forearm, 17) Hand.

This series can be found here.