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Index (Body Map)

Information on this website will provide information on 17 different regions. Beneath the Index(Body Map) tab above you will find a drop down menu with individual pages for each. All information for each region is organized on it’s specific page.

The Regions

1. Calf

2. Hamstrings/Back of Thigh

3. Hip- Posterior/Back Of

4. Hip- Lateral/Side

5. Hip- Anterior/Front

6. Quadriceps/Front of Thigh/Knee

7. Adductors/Inner thigh/Groin

8. Shin/Top of Foot/Outside of Lower Leg

9. Foot

10. Low Back

11. Mid Back

12. Neck

13. Shoulder- Posterior/Back of

14. Shoulder- Front + Side

15. Upper Arm- Biceps + Triceps

16. Elbow and Forearm

17. Wrist/Hand