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Self Muscle Massage

What: This series is designed to teach three separate soft tissue release techniques and how to apply these techniques to all of the major muscles groups of the body.

What you need to get started: a foam roller and a tennis ball.

What you can expect in each installment: 1) anatomy review and specifically how to find the muscles on yourself, 2) the location of key area’s to work on for best results and which techniques to use, and 3) a video demonstration of these techniques.

The order:

** INTRODUCTION POST** In this post, the three basic techniques are introduced and demonstrated by video. This is must read material before you get started!!

1) Calf (gastroc, soleus, post tib)

2) Posterior Thigh (hamstrings)

3) Posterior Hip (Glutes, Piriformis, External Rotators)

4) Lateral Hip (Glute Med, TFL, ITB)

5) Anterior Hip (Psoas, Iliacus, Sartorious, Pectineus)

6 ) Quadriceps/Front of Thigh

7 ) Adductors

8 ) Anterior/Lateral lower leg (anterior tib, peroneals, top of the foot)

9 ) Bottom of Foot (Plantar Fascia + big toe)

10 ) Low Back

11 ) Mid-Back (thoracic spine)

12 ) Neck

13 ) Shoulder (posterior- back of)

14 )Shoulder (anterior- front of)

15) Upper Arm (biceps and triceps)

16 ) Elbow/Forearm/Wrist (medial + lateral epicondylitis)

17) Wrist/Hand

Extra Material

1) Post on additional tools available to work on the back including the RAD Roller, Rumble Roller, and Knobber. Click Here.