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19 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Rotator Cuff Mobilizations

In this post I’m going to show you mobilization techniques specifically for the tiny muscles of the rotator cuff. This is a two part move to get both the internal and external rotation muscles. For one of these moves you will need some resistance tubing and a surface to prop your arm up on.

How to:

1) The first mobilization technique works on the internal rotator muscles.

To perform this move, start by laying flat on your back on the floor. The most important part here is that you want to push your shoulder blades and the back of your shoulder down into the floor and hold them there. From here, move up into a bridge position and place your hands under your butt. The mobilization will be you pushing down into your hands while you focus on keeping your shoulders down. This isn’t for a hold, it’s just a slow, controlled movement. Repeat 10 times. See the video below for further details.

2) The second mobilization technique works on the external rotators.

To perform this technique you will need some resistance tubing and a surface that you can kneel or sit next to (this is to support the arm). Start by positioning the band so that it is in good and tight to your arm pit and move away from it so that there is a good amount of pull. This is pulling the humerus (long upper arm bone) back in the shoulder joint to make some space in the front of the joint. From here, position the elbow so that your arm is at shoulder height and your elbow is bent. The mobilization itself is you rotating your arm up and back like you are going to throw something. Only go as far as you can comfortably and move slowly through the movement. Repeat 10 times. See the video below for full details.


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