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07 February 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Mobilization- Big Toe

In this post I’m going to show you a mobilization for the big toe. To do it you’re going to need some elastic tubing/resistance band or a strap that someone else can hold for you.

The whole goal of this mob (mobilization) is to use the strap to glide the metatarsals (long midfoot bones; one for each toe) back so that you can open up the joint space between them and the small phalange bones of the toes.

Key Points:

1) Place your ball of your foot flat on the floor with the resistance band about one inch above the crease of above your toes. You want the band to be high enough so that you can bend your toes back all the way without it getting in the way. You’re going to want a good amount of resistance on the tubing/band (enough that it feels like your foot/leg would be pulled back if you let go). From here, bring your foot forward over your toes until a stretch is felt. Return to the start position and repeat. See the video below for full details and demonstration.

2) This is not a traditional stretch. No hold time is required. Go for reps instead. 10-20 will do the trick. If you hit a pain point/strong stretch, stop there, hold for 1 second, and then repeat for the remainder of the reps. You don’t need to be a tough guy. You want this stuff to be repeatable.

3) Follow up with ice if you are hitting any sore/painful points. 10-15 minutes is plenty.


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