This is our body map/index/table of contents!

There is a lot of Information on this website! To organize it, we have broken it up into the 17 different regions listed below. Not sure which region you need by name? Use the picture (the body map) above and simply click on the word next to the blue line you want. 

When you click on a region name, you will be taken to a page that has all available posts and treatment techniques on the site. This includes:

  1. self muscle release/massage with a foam roller, stick, etc.
  2. muscle and joint mobilization techniques
  3. stretching
  4. kinesiology taping
  5. strength work
  6. maintenance work
On each region page you will also find the self treatment plans available for that part of the body! You will also find links to newer blog posts and series that build on those treatment plans.


The Regions

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