Treatment Plans

Below are links to free self treatment plans for common overuse injuries. These plans incorporate all five parts of the A-T-A Self Treatment System and are designed to take you through the entire injury cycle. That being said, use of these plans is at your own risk and requires common sense! If you are experiencing any of the following: swelling, bruising, instability (leg gives out under you), numbness or tingling, please STOP right here and contact your doctor!

In terms of the treatment plans themselves, when you click on the links below you will be taken to a blog post that will walk you through the plan. You will also see the free download links within the post. There's a lot of information on those PDF sheets. Here is a guide to reading them correctly so you can hit the ground running.

**NOTE: If you encounter a broken link, two things- 1) email me!, 2) check the "START HERE" tab at the top of the website. That tab is the most important tab on the site. It is the index and everything is up to date and broken up into regions. Some of these plans are several years old so be sure to check the regions for new treatment techniques, etc.

Plans are in alphabetical order and divided into upper body, truck, and lower body.

Upper Body


Lower Body


Don't see your injury on the list? Drop me an email and I'll make sure it's on the list.

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