thormuscsuper.jpgBody Map: Mid Back/Thoracic

This region contains the paraspinal muscles (erector spinae and multifidus) as they move up the back, as well as, the interscapular/between the shoulder blade muscles (rhomboids and trapezius).

In this section you will find our available treatment plans as well as the different self treatment techniques on this site.

Injury Treatment Plans for this area:

None yet! Stay tuned.

Current injuries on our list for the "injury of the week series" for this region include rib injuries, mid back sprains, and interscapular muscle spasms. Have something else you'd like to see? Drop us an email/message and we'll add it to the list.

Individual Parts of Self Treatment System:

Part 1. Self Muscle Massage.

  1. Blog post with anatomy review, video and picture demonstration of self muscle release techniques for the mid back using a foam roller and tennis ball. Click here.
  2. Blog post on other treatment tools for use in the back region including the RAD roller, Rumble Roller and Knobber. Click here.

Part 2. Mobilizations.

  1. Blog post on tennis ball/active mobilizations of the mid-back. Click here.

Part 3. Stretching.

  1. Blog post on how to stretch out the muscles of the mid-back and between the shoulder blades. Click here.

Part 4. Kinesiology tape.

  1. Blog post on how to use tape following an intercostal strain or rib separation. Click here.

Part 5. Strengthening. 

Right now our strength advice is specific to our "injury of the week" blog series (see top of this page for injuries affecting this area). However, all of our strenghtening videos can be found on our youtube channel (link at top of website).