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04 February 2011 ~ 0 Comments

“Building Your Maintenance Routine” Debut

Happy Friday everyone! I’m going to kick off the weekend by debuting a FREE new e-book called “Building Your Body Maintenance Routine”.

My big motivation in writing this guide was to show you how to use the resources on the A-T-A site when you are not hurt as a way to monitor common problem areas and prevent the bigger injuries from sneaking up on you. In doing so, I also wanted to dispel some of the common myths about how often and when you should be using this stuff. I think you’ll be surprised by how little it takes and how repeatable the whole process is. That is the guide’s ultimate goal- to help you build a plan that is specific to your injury history, your sport, your job, and your training schedule. Inside you’ll find a blank planning page so that you play along as your read. You’ll also find a filled in chart full off all the A-T-A links you’ll need.

Here is the Table of Contents:

Part One: What is a body maintenance routine and what will you need it for?
  1. What will you need to get started
  2. What are the components
    1. muscle massage
    2. mobilization techniques
    3. stretching
Part Two: Actually building your body maintenance routine
  1. identifying your problem areas
  2. identifying the common problem areas of your sport
    1. Running
    2. Cycling
    3. Swimming
    4. Triathlon
  3. identifying the problem areas that come with your job
    1. seated work
    2. standing work
  4. determining when to use your body maintenance routine
  5. choosing the individual components of your routine
  6. sample maintenance routine + walk through
Part Three: Your Back Up Plan
  1. Plan for the worst- building your pit crew
  2. Immediate Injury Care
  3. Training modification Chart

Hope you enjoy it and as always, drop me an email if you have any questions or there are problems with the download (the sign up is on the right hand side of the website).

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