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Stretching Series

Stretching Series

What: This series is designed to teach stretching protocols for each of the major muscle groups. Due to the flexibility variations present in athletes, each protocol will be presented with beginner, intermediate, and advanced options.

What you can expect in each installment: 1) videos with directions for each stretch and 2) guidance on how to progress through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced options.

The order: 1) Calf (gastroc, soleus, post tib), 2) Posterior Thigh (hamstrings), 3) Posterior Hip (Glutes, Piriformis, External Rotators), 4) Lateral Hip (Glute Med, TFL, ITB), 5) Anterior Hip (Psoas, Iliacus, Sartorious, Pectineus), 6 ) Quads, 7 ) Adductors, 8 ) Anterior/Lateral lower leg (anterior tib, peroneals, top of the foot), 9 ) Bottom of Foot (Plantar Fascia + big toe), 10 ) Low Back, 11 ) Mid-Back (thoracic spine), 12 ) Neck, 13 ) Shoulder ( posterior), 14 ) Shoulder (front), 15) Upper Arm (biceps and triceps), 16 ) Elbow/Forearm/Wrist, 17) Hand

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The Series:

Introduction Post (START HERE!) This post addresses some of the common questions about stretching including why, when, how, etc.

The Calf (gastroc/soleus)

Ankle Joint Mobilizations

Posterior Thigh/Hamstrings

Hamstring Tendon mobilizations with tennis ball

Back of the Hip (piriformis, gemmeli/obturator, quadratus femorus)

Piriformis/External Hip Rotator mobilizations with tennis ball

Side of the Hip (Glute Med/ITB) Stretches

Front of Hip (Hip Flexor/Upper Quad) Stretches

Inner Thigh/Adductor Stretches

Front of thigh/quadricep Stretches

Shin/Outer ankle stretches

Hip Joint mobilization

Tennis Ball Mobilization for Hip Flexor/Psoas Muscles

Foot/Plantar fascia stretches

Tennis Ball Mobilizations for Foot/Plantar Fascia

Low Back Stretches

Mid Back/ Thoracic Stretches

Neck Stretches

Tennis Ball Mobilizations Low Back