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The hand consists of the all the little muscles that move the fingers and thumb. This area is commonly injured with muscle injuries, tendinitis and even nerve injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. In this section you will find our available treatment plans as well as the different self treatment techniques on this site.

Injury Training Plans for this area:

None yet, but don’t worry. This region is on our list! So far we have carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprain/strains, TFCC ligament injuries and DeQuervains on our list. Have something else you want us to cover? Drop us an email or message.
These plans will be part of our “Injury of the Week” blog series. Each post will talk about what the injury is and how it can happen. It will then take you through all five steps of the ATA self treatment system including self massage, mobilizations, kinesiology taping, stretching and strengthening.


Individual Parts of Self Treatment System:

Part 1. Self Muscle Massage.

  1. Blog post with anatomy review, video and picture demonstration of self muscle release techniques for the hand using a foam roller and tennis ball. Click here.

Part 2.Mobilizations.

  1. Blog post with video on how to mobilize longer finger tendons, thumb and pinky muscles with a tennis ball. Click here.
  2. Blog post on wrist joint mobilization using resistance band/tubing. Click here.

Part 3. Stretching.

  1. Blog post with video on how to stretch out the long finger tendons, thumb and pinky muscles. Click here.

Part 4. Kinesiology tape

Stay tuned. As we move through our list of injuries, this section will be updated.

Part 5. Strengthening

Right now our strength advice is specific to our “injury of the week” blog series (see top of this page for injuries affecting this area). However, all of our strenghtening videos can be found on our youtube channel (link at top of website).

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