Kinesiology Tape


Kinesiology tape is a specially made elastic tape that can be applied to your muscles or joints to decrease pain and swelling, correct faulty motion, and assist weak or injured muscles. It can also be used as a proprioceptive tool for muscle re-education for sport specific movements such as running, cycling, and swimming. In short, these $20 rolls of tape are a must have addition to your training bag and can be used in several different ways throughout the healing cycle.


The ATA system uses the tape in four different ways:

  • For symptom control to decrease pain and swelling.
  • To restore normal muscle position and joint alignment (blocking faulty motion as needed; providing negative feedback to inhibit faulty motion).
  • To assist weak and injured muscles to promote recovery.
  • As a proprioceptive tool to re-educate muscles to improve form and athletic performance through sport specific movement patterns.

What Do You Need To Get Started:

A roll of tape and the sharpest scissors you can find. Seriously. Cheap scissors will fray the tape and cause it to roll up.