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Muscles and joints that have been stuck in a tight/short position lose the ability to function normally over time. This is a fact. Remember, the body is phenomenal at being able to adapt when something breaks down. It will find a way to keep moving forward even if it has to call in every muscle it can to compensate. This is why need to restore strength and balance to the entire functional chain.


The ATA system uses a total body strengthening approach that works from the proximal joints out. This means that we want to create stability where it is required and power/strength that can use that stability. In other words, we want to restore balance to the entire functional chain so that each muscle is working to its potential, when it should be working. We also want it to be resting when it should be resting.

What You Need To Get Started:

Equipment will vary based on the area you are working on. Examples include: hand/ankle weights, resistance band/tubing, and a stability ball. Wherever possible options will be given for both home and gym routines.


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