Deep Back Arm Line

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In last week’s post we started digging into the functional arm chains by looking at the deep front line. This week we’re going to build on that by looking at it’s partner in the crime- the deep back line. An easy way to visualize the difference between the two is to lift your arm out to the side as show in the picture below. You want to make sure your hand is point down to the floor and that your elbow is pointing backwards. In this position, the deep front line is on the front and the deep back line is on the back.

The Deep Back Line

In terms of function, this muscle chain works in two ways. When the arm is moving freely out away from your body, it works to position the scapula and rotate the humerus while also working with the front line to determine how much elbow flexion/extension is needed.  In weight bearing (push up/plank) position, it provides stability from side to side. In total there are 8 individual muscles in this chain. Here’s a video to walk you through each and what they do. You will also find ways to stretch each one of them.

Remember! Don’t push through pain with the stretches. Just go until you feel a pull. If you’re bringing a lot of tightness in terms of posture, expect to feel these in a few different places! 🙂 20 to 30 second hold of each.

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