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In this post I’m going to show you a mobilization technique for the front of the hip/psoas area. To do it you’re going to need some elastic tubing/resistance band or a strap that someone else can hold for you.

The whole goal of this mob (mobilization) is to use the strap to help move the femur forward and then push your hips forward with it opening up that space at the front of the joint.

Key Points:

1) keep your back straight and abs tight. The first goal is to keep your hips level and back straight. If you can’t, work towards that before lunging forward. Squat down and then come back into the start position for reps.

2) the back leg should be completely relaxed. let the strap do the work for you.

3) This is not a traditional stretch. No hold time is required. Go for reps instead. 10-20 will do the trick. If you hit a pain point/strong stretch, stop there, hold for 1 second, and then repeat for the remainder of the reps. You don’t need to be a tough guy. You want this stuff to be repeatable. 🙂

4) Follow up with ice if you are hitting any sore/painful points. 10-15 minutes right on the front of the hip.

Progression (ways to increase stretch):

1) Start with the lunge position. 10 reps.

2) Start with the lunge position, move forward like you normally do, and then bring your arm up overhead and lean/side bend to the opposite side. This will increase the stretch on the upper psoas/hip flexor where it attaches to your lumbar spine. 10 reps.

3) Start with the lunge position, but before you move forward, bend the back knee up. You can either prop it on something or hold your ankle. If you do prop your foot up on something like a table or the wall, be sure to come up straight with your back BEFORE you move forward. This will greatly increase the pull in your thigh as the quads will be on maximal stretch up in to the hip. Start off easy and work your way up. 10 reps.

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