February already??

The past few months have been flying by! In fact, it’s hard to believe that we are about to finish up our posts on active mobilizations (using a tennis ball or resistance band), joint mobilizations, and stretching. Didn’t we just finish the self massage posts?? It certainly feels that way, but anyhow. With the start of a new month and another wallop of snow heading my way, I wanted to slow down for a minute and fill you in on what I have planned.

What’s next on my big To-Do list?

#1 I’m going to go back to the acute injury/tendonitis and chronic injury/Range of Motion (ROM) posts and add follow up posts to both. This way, there will be specific posts for the upper body, spine, and lower body. If you missed these posts the first go around, check them out. The first post includes info on how to manage early symptoms following an injury and gives guidance on how to work on tendonitis at all the common spots in the lower body. The second post talks about chronic injuries and goes through the importance of working both sides of an older injury where compensation is a factor. It also address range of motion (ROM) in the lower body and goes through each joint to show you what normal ROM looks like. The follow up posts will include information on the upper body and back/neck. As always, when you go the region specific tabs under the Index, these posts will be at the top for each so that you can’t miss them.

#2 I’m going to write up a post to help you determine which techniques you can/should use and when. Now that there are 6 different ways to roll, stretch and mobilize, a map on how to put them all together following an injury would be a good thing.

#3 Release of the “Building Your Body Maintenance Routine” e-book. Everything we’ve done so far on this site has been geared towards using the information to manage injuries. This 30+ page guide will teach you everything you need to know to use these techniques when you are NOT hurt. I’m really excited about this. By the end of the guide you will have a routine that is specific to your injury history, your sport, your work setup and your training schedule. Forget the days of trying to do this stuff every day or in and around all of your workouts. That’s overkill and completely unrealistic. A few times a week and specific to your problems areas is all you need and I’ll show you how.

#4 Release of the A-T-A newsletter. By now you’ve probably noticed the newsletter sign up box on the side of our website. This will be monthly newsletter and will contain website updates, injury case studies, advanced topics (such as run form, barefoot running, bike setup fixes to help with injuries, etc), and product reviews and discounts. Have an interesting injury or something you’d like to see covered? The requests are still coming and more are always welcome! Drop me an email.

#5 Lastly, we will kick off the next info series on how to use kinesiotape for your injuries. This stuff works!